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Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc.

Memphis, TN:
1395 N. Willett St,
Memphis, TN 38108

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682 Orvil Smith Road,
Harvest, AL 35749

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3650 Rogers Rd, Suite 313
Wake Forest, NC 27587

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Las Vegas, NV 89145

Phone: 901.381.9960
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Visible Emissions Training and Certification

Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc. provides complete smoke school training in accordance with 40 CFR 60 Appendix A, Method 9, Method 22, 203A, 203B, 203C. Upon completion of the lecture and field training your personnel will be ready to read and completely document their readings in a defensible format. Our personnel have the heart of a teacher so that both the lecture and field presentation are conducted in a reliable, effective, and efficient manner.

We teach in the field before the tests runs start so you understand how to do this task and what to do in order to certify. Documentation that you have completed the certification process is provided in the field after a passing score has been verified, for all who were pre-registered.

All of the components of our equipment are maintained so that the equipment provides stable smoke, reliable and timely operation and we can quickly certify your personnel. We have successfully launched several new developments in our smoke school improving both the air flow, volume of smoke and smoke stability which increased the pass rate to consistently over 50% on the first run and usually better than 75%, without making the test a certain pass Below are just a few of the benefits that Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc. offers in making sure that your smoke school training is prompt, efficient and accurately initiated.

  • Equipment procedures: The equipment is checked prior to leaving our four facilities located strategically across the US and immediately before each training event.
  • Integrated Control Rooms: You don't wait for set-up and equipment problems associated with daily equipment handling. We are the only national company willing to make this investment. Because it makes the equipment reliable, the smoke is stable and electronic system accurate and a complete back-up system already calibrated.
  • Online Registration: Register online or by faxing a registration form. With our online accounts you can use our on-line verification of registration status easily change people attending as business demands change. Phone, fax, online or just show up, we will always accommodate client needs. Invoices will be sent upon registration, credit card receipts are emailed to the client contact on record. Once you have certified the client contact will receive notice that the certification is about to expire and can use the link within our email to facilitate that registration as well as select to have notice of your registration emailed directly to you.
  • Instant Documentation: We provide complete documentation on the day of our training event for all who are pre-registered. All documentation necessary to prove certification is issued in the field; our records are uploaded on line and have been available since 2006.
  • Timely Recertification Notices: You will receive a notification of pending expiration via email which will provide a link to registration — no retyping just select those who will attend each location.
  • Constant Equipment R&D: Provides equipment that produces large volumes of air laden with stable smoke, making for a reliable and accurate test eliminating the guesswork of passing. If you've never seen 100%, the method is not being followed

If there are shift schedule issues requiring 2 days we will work within our schedule to meet the requirements. Many locations on our schedule reflects that need being accommodated for local facilities -- most people will complete the field portion in less than ½ day. We complete each test run and the administration of the paperwork promptly in the field “usually within one hour for those who pre-registered” that is calibration, practice, test, and grade, issuing cards within one hour. Wind and weather can cause a delays and of course when we have large numbers certify the administrative portion may take a bit more time.

We accomplished this efficiency by a significant investment in technology to smooth the administration process and changes in the equipment making smoke to provide the best opportunity for our clients to effectively learn.

Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc. is trusted by more than 1000 facilities nationwide to train their employees to properly document compliance.

Our Smoke Schools have been audited at the Federal Level and many state and local jurisdictions audit and/or participate in our training programs. We have been audited by the State of Texas (one of the few states with an audit program which is legally enforceable) and found to be compliant with all the state and federal requirements. We are the only Smoke School in the country which routinely conducts blind audits of our operating personnel in the field.

We have been in business since 1997, and is stable enterprise offering Visible Emissions Training and Certifications throughout U.S and Territories. Our employees have combined more years’ experience than most vendors. Our average Field manager has more than a decade of directly related experience and 25 years industrial experience. The company has consulted on projects throughout the world. We take the method seriously and the need for training your personnel completely so you don't have to repeat the training process when your staff returns to your facility. We teach Compliance and Stewardship of the Environment --- we would not be considered environmentalists.

Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc. provides Visible Emission Reading expertise, expert witness, have launched a VEO-APP which provides the most rigorous documentation of your facility observations, and we will gladly provide expertise in Defense against any Notice of Violation (NOV). We are the Smoke School that trains you providing more depth of knowledge that other providers, yet tailoring our presentation to the needs of your facility personnel to understand the why, what when and how of compliance to opacity regulations.

Public and Private Smoke School Training and Certifications are Available Nationwide with Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc.

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