Visible Emissions Training and Certification

Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc. is trusted by more than 2000 facilities nationwide to train their employees to properly determine and document compliance to their Visible Emission requirements.

We teach in the field before the test runs start so you understand how to do this task and what to do in order to certify. Documentation that you have completed the certification process is provided in the field after a passing score has been verified, for all who were pre-registered.


Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc. provides a complete smoke school training in accordance with 40 CFR 60 Appendix A, Method 9, Method 22, 203A, 203B, 203C. Upon completion of the lecture and field training your personnel will be ready to read and completely document their readings in a defensible format. Our personnel have the heart of a teacher so that both the lecture and field presentation are conducted in a reliable, effective and efficient manner. We work hard before we ever arrive on-site to make your training efficient by our:


1) Equipment procedures: Ensuring the equipment is ready.

2) Administrative Procedures: Preparing the administrative process so things run smoothly with our Online Registration: Register online or by faxing a registration form , or call and leave a message.

3) Efficient Management processes: We don’t waste your time or that of your employees in unnecessary practice or administrative tasks. We are prepared.

4) Immediate Documentation: Issued in the field and certification records are maintained on line.

5) Timely Recertification Notices: To keep you in compliance we remind you and make the registration process as easy as three clicks.

6) Constant R&D: Provides equipment that produces large volumes of air laden with stable smoke, making for a reliable and accurate test eliminating the guesswork of passing. If you've never seen 100%, the method is not being followed, We have expanded our service offering by providing a VEO-APP to aid in comprehensive reading documentation

7) Continuously Audited: Our Smoke Schools have been audited at the Federal Level and many state and local jurisdictions audit and/or participate in our training programs. We have been audited by the State of Texas (one of the few states with an audit program which is legally enforceable) and found to be compliant with all the state and federal requirements. We are the only Smoke School in the country which routinely conducts blind audits of our operating personnel in the field.

8) Industry Leader in Technical Expertise and efficient, reliable, and trusted certification.

9) Expert Witness: For Reading Visible Emissions, Designing Compliance monitoring plans related to Visible Emissions, and Criminal and Civil litigations Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc. has become the trust source for Opacity Expertise. We have assisted in both criminal and civil Notice of Violation.

10) Events designed to meet Your Schedule: We accommodate our clients’ needs. If there are shift schedule issues requiring 2 days we will work within our schedule to meet the requirements. Many locations on our schedule reflect that need being accommodated for local facilities -- most people will complete the field portion in less than ½ day. We complete each test run and the administration of the paperwork promptly in the field “usually within one hour for those who have pre-registered” that is calibration, practice, test, and grade, issuing cards within one hour. Wind and weather can cause a delay and of course when we have large numbers certify the administrative portion may take a bit more time.


We teach Stewardship of the Environment that leads to compliance.

Public and Private Smoke School Training and Certifications are Available Nationwide with Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc.

For more information on a smoke school nearest your facility call or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.